Home Buyer Has Questions About Exhaust Fans & Dragging Doors

A buyer asked these followup questions at a recent San Diego home inspection: Buyer: I remember the second bathroom exhaust fan being very loud (while I was on the third floor), to the point where it was slightly vibrating the floor above. While the fan may have been operating, is this generally something your report would/should include? A: I included the comment about the noisy fan in report section, 11.03 Guest Suite Bathroom. Its generally an issue with the fan itself which you should have easy access to. This is work for a qualified/competent handy man. Once the fan is repaired or replaced, and you still have an unacceptable level of vibration, then you would have the look at the rest of the system, e.g., the duct (could the duct be poorly secured and vibrating against the wall framing etc ). But, I’d start with getting the fan in good operating condition, first. This is a very common callout during a home inspection. I’d say about ½ the homes I inspect have a noisy bathroom fan. Buyer: "A couple doors door brush somewhat on the carpeting when operated. Recommend undercutting the doors to allow for air to return the furnace." Would you mind clarifying this? A: Your question about the door(s) brushing on the carpet – this is a very minor repair if ultimately deemed necessary. The procedure is most often accomplished by removing the door and taking a circular saw to the bottom. Again, work for a qualified/competent handy man. I make the call if the door has any contact with the floor finish, in this case, the carpet. If you don’t have at least a ¼ clearance between the bottom of the door and carpet, supply air from the furnace has a harder time recycling back to the furnace to be reconditioned and can, in extreme cases, start to “starve” the system for air which would then degrade furnace performance. There is also the added benefit of preventing wear and tear on the carpet. For more information about Nicholas Lorber, certified home inspector, CREIA member, owner, Lorber Engineers, Please check out the Lorber Engineers website at or call (619)917-8077.

Submitted by NicholasLorber on Wed, 04/06/2011 - 18:53.
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