Inspection Fees

Fees are based on many factors with the major considerations being the square footage of the property, type of foundation (slab-on-grade is assumed - a foundation crawl space/sub-area will add a nominal additional fee), and age.

Other cost adds may accrue with the inclusion of room additions, detached buildings, pool and/or spa, floor level survey (by request), providing formal opinions about disclosed structural or other major problems (floods or water damage/mold remediation, for example), requested review of any seller provided documents such as the TDS, construction plans & specifications, earthquake (seismic) disclosure, grading & drainage plans, soils reports, structural repair and/or slope remediation documents, copies of permits etc.

Our basic fees are very competitive with the overall valve (fee + superior disclosure) being unbeatable. In some cases we will negotiate a fee if we are speaking with the "decision maker" and they are willing to make a committment.

Don't make the mistake of hiring an inspector based on fee alone. Home inspections are not a commodity - home inspector thoroughness, competence, experience, credentials, type of report, time on site (nominally 1 hour/1000 SF with talk time - minimally about 3 hours) and time off site (photo review -minimally 200-300 are taken per inspection and the inevitable problem research) vary greatly.

With home inspectors who deliver on-site reports, you get "zero" of the off-site activities which is a huge shortcoming

The combined elements of a home inspection take time, effort and an application of knowledge and judgement. A home inspector with a low fee is "cutting" you somewhere.
Call and let us discuss your needs. The discussion is free! Let us educate you about the home inspection process. Even if you don't select us to conduct your inspection, you'll be much more knowledgeable about this "adventure" and be in a much better position to select the inspector that best fits your needs and resources.